El Jefe


With THC extending somewhere in the range of 22% and 25%, it’s no big surprise that El Jefe Strain is designated “the Chief.” Rare but luckily available in stock at our shop

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This fundamental indica strain by Uncommon Moistness Seeds is a 70/30 cross contained Damaging OG and Uncommon Wetness #1. Its full-bodied, ground-breaking impacts matched with its brilliantly great fragrances certainly make it one to attempt.

That’s if at any point you are sufficiently fortunate to discover it. Regardless of whether you are a learner or a specialist, you’ll be absolutely ecstatic to be commanded by El Jefe.

However, with THC extending somewhere in the range of 22% and 25%, it’s no big surprise that this strain is designated “the Chief.”

Furthermore, this ultra-solid breed is splendidly hued with orange hairs and clingy white trichomes. These completely wrap the dim shades of green that make up these thick buds.

The fragrances of this strain are hashy, with hearty undercurrents and a slight sharpness. In any case, the scents of El Jefe Strain can be misdirecting. As a result, the flavor sense of taste couldn’t be further from those characteristics. The taste is a striking mix of fiery lemon and rich pine, sure to draw in your faculties. Buy El Jefe Strain online from our shop.

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